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Our Services

Workwide is a Human Capital Management and Corporate Consultancy Firm specialised in issues in the field of: Interim & Change Management, Reward & Organisationdesign, People & Team Development, Agile Organization, Legal, HR Technolgy, and Strategic Workforce Planning.

Our approach

As a network organisation our approach explicitly distinguishes from regular consultancies. Workwide Works with circles of experienced specialists. Our multidisciplinary approach and the co-creation between our specialists and our customers lead to surprising results.

The result

Because of our form of organisation we operate faster, more personal and at more competitive rates. Because of the Workwide one-stop-shop concept we can help you with all your issues in the field of HR&O. Easy and familiar.

About Workwide

  • The mission: realizing your objectives!

    Workwide helps to realise your obbejectives, by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the HR&O function. We do this by making HR processes run more efficient and more effective. Therefore we develop and implement solutions and provide practical advices together with our HR & Organisation consultants.

  • The methode: co-creation

    Workwide believes in the philosophy of co-creation. Together with our professionals and customers we develop solutions while keeping the needs of the customer in mind. Eventually a method and/or solution is created in which years of experience are merged.

  • The vision: ‘wisdom of the crowd’

    Workwide believes in the ‘wisdom of the crowd’. The knowledge and experience of the group is stronger and of better quality than the knowledge and methods developed within the hierarchical structures of the regular consultancies. Many consultancies have a pyramid-shaped structure: the partner obtains the assignment, the juniors execute the assignment. Due to this customers often pay high fees for relatively little experience.

  • The Idea: Workwide works in a different way

    Workwide turns the pyramid around: we work with small cells of independent professionals. They have learned the trade from consultancies or customer organisations. So you will get more experience at a competitive rate. In addition, we act in our own unique way. We have the guts to handle things differently. We don’t do things the hard way if they can be done the easy way. We are action-oriented, we like to roll up our sleeves. And we are not satisfied until an advice, solution or interim assignment has been successfully completed.

Our Values




Our professionals understand their profession and are focused on achieving results. Of course we do this with respect and feeling for others. Our business heavily revolves around trust. After all, we manage the broadest possible capital of any organisation: the staff.



It all comes down to doing what makes you happy. At Workwide we love our profession. That is why we invest a lot of energy in it. For example, we meet regularly to exchange experiences and to keep up to date with the latest developments in our field.



We give our clients and our Network Partners the freedom to carry out their work optimally. We do this by cooperating and focusing on the qualities of a person. As a result everybody works from his or her own strength.



The HR & Organisational advisors of Workwide have the courage to leave the beaten track where necessary.  We know the latest developments within our field and the applicable technology. But we are no nerds. Technique is an effective means but must always be at the service of the intended result.



The way we handle projects is based on proven methodologies. However, we do this in our own way. In order for solutions to really work and deliver immediate result.