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Effective and efficient organizations

Creating effective and efficient organizations is what Network Partner Het Adviesbureau does best. What could the HR department do to organize itself more effective? And! How can HR support the Lean Management need of the business? These are questions our Lean Management specialists have experience with. Lean Management is about a culture of continuous improvement. HR is the department to create this culture and the specialists of Het Adviesbureau supports companies on the road to continuous improvement. workwide-network-partner

About our Lean Management Services

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Realizing “Effective HR”

Within the HR function Lean Management is used to realise “Effective HR”. This concept stands for an efficiënt and service-oriented HR department. The added value of HR to the Business is crystal clear and HR management is based on clear goals. Examples of activities that can be deployed are:

  • designing and implementing recruitment process KPIs on throughput time and qualityLeanTagcloud
  • measuring the effectiveness of training to employees
  • setting up knowledge platforms to make knowledge readily available

An effective and efficient HR organization enables HR Business Partners to help managers and employees in continuously improving themselves and their processes. For example by providing strategic consulting, coaching, training, team coaching or implementing capacity management.

Our Knowledge

Lean management

Within Lean Management everything revolves around the customer’s perspective and continuous improvement. All activities that do not add value from a customer’s perspective are eliminated in a structured manner, processes never cease to be improved. The key to success is to teach employees to consider their jobs and activities from a different perspective. Ultimately, employees know best how processes can be improved. With Lean Management quality is being secured within the source of the company. Employees get all the support and means to optimise processes and increase value for the customer.

Achieve impact within a short timeframe

Our Lean specialists are able to achieve high impact results within a short amount of time. By focussing on managers and employees results, on average 10% increase in customer satisfaction, 50% higher productivity and 30% decrease of lead time are being secured.


Our Lean Management specialists have successfully completed tasks within the following fields: healthcare, retail, IT, business and financial service, small and medium sized enterprises and family businesses. Stated below is a selection of our references.

ABN AMRO   UWV     maco-logo


Our specialists apply Lean Management within many sectors, which include business services, finance, government and healthcare. They are able to introduce Lean Management in transaction-oriented departments (such as transaction processing for banks) or in corporate departments such as Human Resources, Finance, Legal and Project Management.