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InhouseLegal: access to professional legal counsel.

Our goal is to provide every company or organisation access to professional legal counsel. We aim to provide support focussed on the organisational culture. We are always on call to provide a quick solution or to serve as a sounding board. This decisive approach characterises the unique position of InhouseLegal within the field of legal support.


About our Legal Services

Our services


Professional support

Our services include drafting and reviewing contracts and regulations, implementing amendments of the law, advising the department of human resources on disciplinary actions and general terms of employment and presenting redundancy cases to the court. Even the support of directors in labour council cases and the management of reorganisations are in safe hands when taken care of by InhouseLegal.

Target audience

De legal specialists of InhouseLegal provide counsel to and support:

> Companies and organisations without an in-house legal department

> Companies that lack the right skills and information on specific legal subjects or processes

> Companies in need of a flexible staffing solution due to a peak period

Our labor law specialists (lawyers) advise and support business owners, managers, work councils and HR departments.


The legal specialists (lawyers) of InhouseLegal provide support and counsel in the field of labour law. Focussed on the very core of the problem a pragmatic solution is quickly presented. We aim to provide solutions  that are fit to the nature and culture of the company.