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People & Team Development

Getting and staying successful in changing circumstances as a person, team and organization. That’s the focus of the specialists of Workwide Circel WoW-consult. WoW stands for Way of Working.

Every person, team or organization has developed its own way of working. Over time something can happen which makes this way of working ineffective. Our specialists are being asked by people who are not effective and teams that don’t cooperate well anymore. Or by organisations confronted with considerable growth, bad results, quickly changing demands in the market, increasing competition, strict legislation and more complex projects.

Key is changing old habits which are not effective anymore and introducing an new way of working. The challenge is to change these habits while keeping the strength and identity of a person, team or organisation. This is beyond procedures and structures. And our specialists make this work. In daily work, in co-creation with clients and connected to the will of people. Step by step. And using the power of film and storytelling.

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Our specialists apply people & team development within the sectors: technology industrie & engineering, maritime & offshore, utilities, goverment, business and financial services, SME- and family businesses. For more information about the services of Workwide circle WOW-Consult, please contact Murielle Heybroek.