• Strategic Workforce Planning

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Personal mastery

A strategic workforce planning provides your management and HR insight in the organisation and offers a means to prevent possible occupation problems in the (near) future. We believe that the solution lies in a participatory approach. That is why we focus on joint development and the transfer of knowledge and insights. By doing this your organisation will grow in ‘personal mastery’!


About our Strategic Workforce Management Services

Our services

Various possibilities

We have helped various organisations with strategic workforce planning. Our approach provides enough space for customer-specific interpretation. Our support varies from guiding a strategic workforce planning process to guiding small components of the process.

Customisation based on best practices

Of course each process is different both in terms of approach and in our support. However, we have developed a number of methods that we often use in strategic personnel planning:

  • the Strategic Workforce Planning Environment Scan.
  • meetings to create awareness, a vision of the future or possible interventions.
  • factual analysis for example with the help of HR Intelligence or our IDU analysis tool.
  • concretise future by using scenario modeling and “what if” reasoning.
  • our overview of proven recipes for the cocktail of policies, tools and measures.
Our Knowledge

Responding to dynamics

Ageing, a changing need for qualities and quantities of personnel, need for less management (layers) and more self-managing teams. The dynamics of this time requires a lot of organisations and her employees. A clear Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) makes organisations aware of the working capital and potential in changing organisations.

A proper strategic workforce planning process answers:

  • what skills does my staff have?
  • are these skills right for the future?
  • how can I develop these now and in the future?
  • how much and what labour do I have in the future?
  • where does my labour depend on?
  • how do I prevent a lack of knowledge and experience in case of departures of older employees?
  • what is a healthy future staff ratio (flexible/fixed)?

Strategic Workforce Planning as a basis

A strategic workforce planning provides a solid foundation for effective and future-oriented HR management. It helps to substantiate policy choices, especially when it concerns recruitment, transfers and departures of employees. Finally, a strategic workforce planning makes organisations stronger and more successful in recruiting and selecting new employees.